The x-ray is still the most common test performed today. With the discovery of the x-ray (the letter "x" was used because in Algebra "x" refers to an unknown) by Dr. Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895, the practice of medicine was radically changed. X-rays, often called radiographs, are most likey used to rule out particular problems involving bone and soft tissue disorders. When x-ray studies prove inconclusive, the patients are referred for additional studies.

Visalia Imaging uses Toshiba (TOSRAD) equipment. Recently there has been an upgrade to a Fuji CR (computerized radiography) system. This is a multi-plate reader, and the processing time for the computerized image is vastly increased. The patient is in and out much faster. With the use of the computer the radiographs are made into digital images, which provide greater detail. The center is equipped to provide any type of exam request. In addition, intravenous pyelograms (IVP) are routinely done as well.