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Please share your thoughts on your imaging experience with us, and let us know how we can better serve you.

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1.  If you called us, did you receive prompt, efficient service?
2.  Was our office staff kind and courteous?
3.  Did we provide a clear explanation of your imaging study?
4.  Did we answer your questions and/or concerns to your satisfaction?
5.  Did we address your medical history pertaining to your scheduled imaging study?
6.  Did we spend enough time with you?
7.  Do you understand who will read your study, when and to whom results will be sent, and how these results will be communicated to you?
8.  Based on your recent visit to our facility, will you return or recommend us to family/friends?
9.  Overall rating for our imaging facility:
10.  How did you choose our facility?
11.  What imaging study did you have?
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