MRI Diagnostic Protocols
With the addition of the 3.0T MRI at Visalia Imaging, we are now able to offer specialized diagnostic and therapeutic protocols for Neuroradiology. These include:
  • High resolution isometric imaging of brain for seizure evaluation and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Contrast MR brain perfusion for evaluation of brain perfusion, stroke, TIA; assess brain flow reserve, brain arteriovenous malformation, and tumor angiogenesis (for post-op tumor resection follow-up)
  • ASL (arterial spin labeling) MR brain perfusion Non-contrast technique to evaluate for brain perfusion (useful in patients with renal failure or contrast allergy) Sensitive technique to detect small skull base dAVF as the cause of vascular tinnitus
  • DTI (Diffusion Tractography Imaging)
    1. Brain white matter mapping (useful for tumor localization for neurosurgical planning for better post-op outcome
    2. Evaluation of DAI (Diffuse Axonal Injury)
  • MR Spectroscopy for metabolic brain disease or tumor evaluation
    1. CSF flow study
    2. Chiari-I malformation
    3. Aqueductal stenosis
    4. Evaluation of third ventriculotomy patency
  • High resolution neurovascular imaging (MRA brain and neck)
  • High resolution imaging of head/neck, orbits, and skull base
  • High resolution imaging of spine
Thu T. Le, MD, Neuroradiologist Visalia Imaging