Digital Mammography
The total breast imaging suite demands the best possible image and the most flexible interactive tools. Thus, the technologists are able to organize the work flow efficiently and to work effectively with patients. The technical aspect of obtaining the studies is integral to getting excellent results. Compression of the breast is critical to give the patient the full benefit of the procedure. Fortunately, compression time has been significantly reduced due to the speed of the digital unit. This centerís women mammographers are highly trained and certified in their field. They have over 30 years experience among them.

Visalia Women's Imaging Specialists uses Selenia, a full-field digital mammography unit manufactured by Lorad. Selenium (a naturally occurring chemical in the body), based on direct capture technology, eliminates light diffusion completely for perfect clarity and exquisite image quality. This unit features the largest detector available today imaging almost any breast without requiring multiple exposures. In addition, computerized assisted detection (CAD) is a software package that allows the radiologist "an extra set of eyes" to read the study.